Welcome one and all my name is, James Dodgshun and if you’ll have me I’ll be your designer. I am trained in Graphic Arts, Multimedia, and Digital Media Design.

I’m currently working at Moose Toys working on various brands within the company, working alongside Art Directors, Graphic Designers, Senior Graphic Designers, Product Managers, and Brand Managers. The company is full of very nice people but it is also a very intense environment with little to no downtime, because they are always working towards the next toy fair, or product launch.

I have also worked with other clients who include:

– Ecoscents
– Acecis.com.au
– Accru Melbourne
– East Burwood Athletics Club
– Emmaus College

I am quite proficient in Adobe CC Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, Microsoft Office, and Traffic



If you would like to contact me, my LinkedIn link is at the bottom of the page.